Kobe has been the European distributor of KOROSEAL® wallcoverings since 1989. This is a Designers selected vinyl wall covering collection with a textile backing that is flame retardant and environmental sound. Koroseal is a complete vinyl wall covering collection, consisting of a vinyl top dressing applied on a fabric backing, with over 3000 colors and designs. This collection of Koroseal is directly available at every desired metrage.

The material is
- Colorful
- Bacteria resistant
- Dis-infectable
- Non-inflammable
- Washable because of Koroklear Protective Coating
- Offers superior protection and a barrier against staining
- The Koroseal line is specially formulated to provide an Early Warning Effect
- The wall covering is produced completely Cadmium free and the inks are 100% water

Official Reports available for the following tests:
- DIN 4102-B1
- M1
- UL Rating
- NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
- NFPA 225 (ASTM E84, CAN S102M)
- BS 476, Part 7
- Class I
- IMO A, 653 (16) - EN 1350:1 (465g/m1, 651/m1)