Looking back at Dutch Design Week

Posted: 15-11-2018

Looking back at Dutch Design Week!

Kobe has recently taken part in the Modebelofte/New Order of Fashion Fellowship initiative during the Dutch Design Week 2018.

In this fellowship, the aim was to create a fusion of interiors with fashion in a creative expression that represents Kobe in its essence.

For this Fellowship with KOBE, Modebelofte/New Order of Fashion selected superduo AnoukxVera.




AnoukxVera is a fashion design duo focussed on on-demand sportswear and visual storytelling. Anouk van de Sande and Vera de Pont did research a crossover between interior design and fashion items.  

Feeling inspired by the many expressive and layered KOBE fabrics, AnoukxVera transported the fabrics from the walls and chairs closer to the human body to become tiny surrealistic homes without a roof. 

This fusion of living and wearing is explored in three suits. The suits emphasise an exploration of the senses, as seen for example in the multi-coloured pallet suit and the sofa suit, and touch upon modular or flexible garment concepts. Use your garment like a curtain or become a sofa.


Making of the suits